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January 31, 2010

Today I put up images of the new sanctuary of St Mark's Episcopal Church. It's at 3039 Ranch Road 12 in San Marcos.

December 6, 2009

Today I have put up two more pages of images, these of the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park. I have general images and images of Casa Grande.

I have added images for November and Late November.

October Images of Palo Verde in Bloom, across from St. Marks Episcopal Church on the Texas State University Campus


Images of October 2009, Round Top Antigue Fair.

Images of September 2009, Saguaro National Park.

Balloons Over San Miguel de Allende

Writing With Mexican Light I—June 2009


San Miguel de Allende

Writing With Mexican Light 2—June 2009




Images of April in our garden.

Images for March 2009


Writing With Light —March 2007—Easter

Writing With Light —October 2007—Pierced Rocks

Writing With Light —February 2008—Jemez Loop

Writing With Light —November 2008

Writing With Light —December 2008

Writing With Light 1—January 2009

Writing With Light 2—January 2009—The Aquarena Center of Texas State

Writing With Light 3—January 2009—Tree Canopies

Writing With Light—March 2009—Garden

Writing With Light—April 2009

Writing With Mexican Light 1—June 2009—Balloons Over San Miguel

Writing With Mexican Light 2—June 2009—San Miguel

Writing With Light —September 2009—Saguaro National Park

Writing With Light —October 2009—Round Top Antigue Fair

Writing With Light 2—October 2009—Palo Verde in Bloom



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