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For the purpose of placing material on this website, I am declaring that the American South Central is Louisiana, Arkansas, and that area east of IH35 in Oklahoma and east of IH35 and IH37 in Texas. In Texas I am fudging the line 10 miles west in order to include Katherine Anne Porter and writers of Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.

This area could be further subdivided into works set in rural areas rather than urban, works about coastal areas, works by journalists, works on special topics, etc.

I plan to place lots of information on this pages and those connected to it in the near future. I know much more about the Texas writers of this group, but want to learn more about those of the other areas. Please email me about writers you would like to have information about

Some of the writers who interest me are

Charles Portis

Robert Penn Warren

William Goyen

William Humphrey

William Owens

Winifred Sanford

Mary King

Karle Wilson Baker

Barry Benefield

Leon Hale

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