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Green and cool are His plants—
fir, black gum, pine,
redwood, wisteria vine:
West of San Rafael, coastal
redwoods let little slits
of sun slip through, minute
bits within a canopy of shade;
Jonah loved God's gourd;
Along Cow bayou near the Sabine
beneath Cypress trees, and amidst
the grotesque knees, steaming light
slides across black swamp water;
Beneath long leaf and loblolly pine,
boyscouts sing,
"Green grow the rushes, ho";
Jonah wanted shade;
and East of Alamogordo
high in the Sacramentos
Douglas fir and blue spruce
cooly cover the rocky soil
allowing occasional rays
to dart through.
I, like Jonah, want shade,
want protection, need a Deity
to intercede, to come between
nature and me, to darken the
Sun, its radiance, its heat,
its naked burning purity,
to reflect its heat from me.





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