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teaching, parenting, grandparenting husbanding

From Texas to the World and Back: Essays on the Journeys of Katherine Anne Porter
by Mark Busby (Editor), Dick Heaberlin (Editor)

John Graves, Writer
by Mark Busby (Editor), Terrell Dixon (Editor)

This book contains my essay "Of Dachshunds and Dashes," about the independent nature of John Graves and E. B. White and about how it is reflected in their writing styles, particularly their use of dashes.

Fort Benning Blues: A Novel
by Mark Busby

Icons of Loss and Grace: Moments from the Natural World
By Susan Hanson
Illustrations by Melanie Fain

My review of Icons



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A Guide to the Grammar of Successful Writers

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Connecting for Coherence:
A Guide to Building Sentences With Syntax And Logic

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Purposeful Punctuation:
A Syntactic Guide to English Punctuation

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Word Wisdom:
A Guide to Selecting Words
for Writers and Editors—Writing Style 4

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