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A Punctuation Quiz

Is a comma needed above the underlined place? Put one in if it is
needed. Explain why or why not?
1. George walked to town _ to buy groceries for his family.
2. To buy groceries for his family _ George walked to town.
3. So his family would have food _ George walked to town.
4. George walked to town _ so his family would have food.
5. Bill served well _ so he won his match.
6. He went to work without his tools. Therefore _ he was fired.
7. He went to work without his tools. So _ he was fired.
8. He went to work without his tools _ but he was not fired.
9. Bill worked hard at his job at HEB _ and he was promoted.
10. Bill washed, rinsed _ and put away the dishes.
11. Bill washed the dishes carefully _ and put them away hastily.
12. Bill wrote a paper about The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy _ and presented it at a convention.
13. I know that Bob works hard _ and that he will be promoted.
14. I know that Bob works hard _ and he will be promoted.
15. I know Bob works hard _ and he will be promoted.
16. I know that Bob will be promoted _ if he works hard.
17. I know that Bob will be promoted _ because he works hard.
18. I know that if he works hard _ Bob will be promoted.
19. Bob _ if he works hard _ will be promoted.
20. Because of his hard work _ he will be promoted.
21. At noon _ he went to work.
22. He went to work without his tools. But _ he was not fired.
23. Because he works hard _ he will be promoted.

Here are the answers.

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